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Unlike most personal trainers, we’d rather not have your business for the long run but teach you how to maintain a healthy mindset so that eventually you won’t need to rely on us for working out! Our goal is to achieve your goal, and teach you how to continue getting fitness results and stay motivated on your own.

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G Force personal trainers are fully licensed and certified in a variety of fitness areas, and are well versed in the art of achieving fitness results for their clients. They are mobile which means they come to you, and work around your schedule for the most convenience possible.

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Our creative fitness programs combine a mix of cardio conditioning, resistance training, martial arts training, strategic stretching and flexibility training, and meditation. We not only give you the best and most efficient workout you could ask for, but our catered programs ensure you get the results you want from the comfort of your own home.

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Loving the Natural *Free* Cleanse

Everyone wants to feel young and energized again. This is what most companies selling cleansing products claim will happen once you finish their specially designed cleanse (maybe not publicly but through their representatives). But do we really need to spend all that money?

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Gidon’s Outdoor Park Bench Workout

We’re in the dog days of summer and since it’s not here for long, let’s capitalize on all that sunshine while it’s here! Instead of just sitting on a park bench, why not use it to get healthier and fitter? Keep reading today’s article for Gidon’s park bench outdoor workout!

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Super Healthy Grab-and-Go Breakfast Recipes

Most of our clients are very busy people and one of the most common roadblocks they have in getting healthier and fitter is, “I don’t have enough time.” That’s why we bring the gym to you, and also why we’d like to share with you super easy, super healthy breakfast ideas that you can just grab and go!

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We Service the Following Areas:

Aurora Oakville
Brampton Richmond Hill
Etobicoke Scarborough
Markham Thornhill
Mississauga Toronto
North York Woodbridge

You Can Reach Us:

Headquarters: 416-716-BFIT
Fitness Manager: 416-258-3633
565 Bloor Street West, Suite 4
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1Y6
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