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In-Home Mobile Personal Trainers in Toronto

The Benefits of an in-home fitness trainer

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle mass, stay fit, or increase flexibility, your G Force trainer will create the perfect customized fitness routine for you. We will work with your limitations and focus on targeted exercises that maximize results so that you get the strong, fit, pain-free body you deserve.

As most fitness experts will tell you, consistency and dedication often separate those who fall short of their goals in a workout program from those who persevere and meet (or surpass) their exercise objectives. With a G Force in-home fitness trainer, you have the convenience of a personalized, hard-hitting workout in the comfort of your own home, and at a time that works for you.

Our certified personal trainers travel from Aurora to Toronto to Oakville, work around your schedule and bring all of the equipment to you so you can stay on track and get the results you want, when you want them. For clients more comfortable training with a female, we currently have 3 certified female personal trainers on staff, each with an extensive fitness background and experience in the industry.

Martial Arts and Personal Training

Looking for a fitness program that’s a little different?

Have fun while incorporating a bit of Western-style and Mauy Thai kickboxing into your customized G Force workout. Kickboxing stimulates and wakes up new muscle groups as they require total body movements, recruiting new sets of muscles and burning more calories than your old, tired cardio routine. Plus, practicing martial arts is a great way to work out aggression and frustration, making it a mental practice too!

Our in-home personal trainers will teach you how to throw punches, knee strikes, elbow strikes and kicks in a safe, motivating workout. Whether you are interested in learning proper martial arts technique or you are just in it for a great workout, kickboxing is an exciting and fun way to tone your body and your mind.

Sport Specific Personal Training Programs

Improve Your Golf Game or Train For Any Other Sport

Whether you are a competitive athlete, a marathon runner or a recreational sports enthusiast, training your mind and body for your sport is essential for optimal performance.

All sports require specific training programs to help prevent injury and to maximize power, speed and strength. Picking up and playing is great, but without proper training your body is susceptible to injury, not to mention your full potential won’t be unleashed.

G Force Training uses a holistic fitness approach to balance your body, target stability muscles and prevent muscle compensation that usually leads to over-tightness or injuries. We focus on joint stabilization and core training, incorporate proper stretching techniques and specific exercises to help you be at your best in your game.

Using Meditation To Achieve Success in Fitness

Train Your Mind to Train Your Body

If you’re new to meditation, the concept can sound a little intimidating. We’re here to show you how meditation is a proven sports enhancement technique that also plays an important part in helping you attain not just your fitness goals, but your general goals in life as well.

By strengthening your mind as if it were another muscle in your body, you will improve focus on your workouts and be able to see the finish line for your goals much clearer. Mental training helps improve motivation, performance and determination to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

Try this: close your eyes and imagine yourself at your ultimate fitness and health. Picture where you want to be, what you will look like, and how you feel when you get there. With repeated visualization exercises incorporated alongside your fitness routine, you’ll find yourself achieving your goals at a much quicker rate. Read some of our testimonials to hear how others had success incorporating a personalized holistic fitness program into their life.

Yoga and Mobile In-home Personal Training Programs

Train Your Mind to Train Your Body

While most fitness programs focus on strength and cardio training to achieve weight loss and other health goals, adding yoga to a workout program will strengthen the mind-body connection, increasing postural support, breathing techniques and flexibility. With regular practice, balance and coordination will improve, which will support better form and technique in other exercises, and the body-weight exercises practiced during a yoga session - in which you're holding poses for an extended period of time - increase strength throughout your core without the use of additional equipment.

Visit Our Partner Site: Movement Yoga

Stretching and Holistic Fitness

G Force Home Training Holistic Fitness Programs

Stretching is an integral part of any health and wellness program, and is crucial in creating or maintaining a healthy body.

Whatever your fitness goals may be, it is essential to incorporate a proper stretching routine into every fitness program. Injury prevention and relaxation are just some of the benefits, but stretching is also very important for performance enhancement as it helps build stronger, leaner and healthier muscles with an increased range of motion.

G Force has developed a total body performance stretching routine that is a complimentary part of your G Force training. In this type of stretching, our personal trainers stretch your entire body by aligning and gently stretching each muscle group that was used in your workout. By having a professional properly stretch your body in a relaxed state, your flexibility will improve up to 80 per cent faster and more effectively than stretching on your own.

Nutritional Guidance

how, when and what to eat

healthy meal plans made specifically for you by certified G Force Home Training nutritionists.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle doesn’t mean going on a diet!

Exercise is one facet of a healthy life. Dieting, however, is not.

At G Force we do not condone dieting for our clients because it does not offer a long-term solution to weight management. Don’t worry, we have the answer!

Nutritional guidance and meal planning is not a “diet” program that we offer, but a service that we include free of charge to all our clients in order to incorporate healthy eating into their lives. Our expert trainers and nutritionists will teach you how to follow a balanced, healthy meal plan designed specifically for you, and incorporate it seamlessly into your daily life so that it doesn’t become another diet fad that won’t last.

Nutritional guidance is part of our holistic approach to training, a whole-body fitness program designed by our G Force nutrition experts.

Exercise Rehab

customized programs to heal & prevent injury

Get Post-Rehab Training & Exercises with G Force’s Holistic Fitness Programs

The lower back, shoulders, and knees are common sites of pain due to injury or arthritis. Problems like these can make workouts and daily living unpleasant and difficult. Going to the gym may even sound impossible! That’s where G Force comes in.

G Force’s certified, onsite personal trainers develop programs to help rehabilitate injuries and manage arthritis, as well as show you how to strengthen your body to prevent injuries in the future. We do this by first assessing your ailments and physical restrictions and then developing a custom program to get you back on track and in shape. We work with you to keep you motivated and on point to avoid discouragement through this temporary tough time.

Whether your injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, improper fitness routines, general wear and tear, or any other circumstance, you can rely on G Force’s dedicated and qualified trainers to help get you where you want to be.

Mobile Personal Trainers

We Travel To You

G Force Home Training offers in-home, condo and hotel personal training with a fleet of mobile personal trainers who are certified and equipped to deliver a fitness program that will help you get results.

Our affordable personal training packages include 1-on-1 or small group training sessions that can be conducted indoors in a convenient location such a room in your house, a condo gym or in a hotel room if you happen to be in town on vacation or business. Depending on weather, our personal trainers also conduct sessions outdoors to take advantage of the positive effects nature and sunshine have on fitness and a healtheir overall lifestyle.

All of our trainers are mobile and can travel to most major suburbs around Toronto, including Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke and Richmond Hill.

If you'd like to learn more about our mobile personal training services or are interested in booking a free consultation, feel free to get in touch with our Fitness Manager.

Holistic Health Assessments by Execuhealth

Personalized Health and Wellness Plans

Are you serious about your health? Are you investing time and money into improving your health condition but you’re not getting the results you want? Perhaps you’re concerned with possible genetic predispositions to certain conditions and want to know how to prevent them?

ExecuHealth is a total health assessment center in Toronto providing complete health analyses by qualified professionals who combine conventional medicine and alternative therapies in an integrative health model. They use the science of medical testing to determine clients’ current state of health and personalize a concrete total health plan to achieve optimal health now and into the future .

G Force Home Training is proud to offer our specialities in two ExecuHealth wellness plans: Hormone Balancing Wellness Program and Ultimate Wellness Program. For more information on these programs, our new partnership and our new partner, please read: Holistic Health Assessments to Create a Health and Wellness Plan.

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